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At Glendale Dental Centre we understand that oral health is only one facet of overall long term wellness. Creating real value for the importance and future of your mouth, we are dedicated to the prevention of dental disease through comprehensive evaluation and regular maintenance. Our goal is to be your personal, lifelong dental coach.

We will take the time to explain your treatment plan options, the expected outcome and the costs involved to ensure you have all the information required to make an informed decision.

We are committed to developing a meaningful and valued dental relationship as we partner with you in your oral care.


Glendale Dental Centre has a rich history in south St. Catharines that began when a young Dr Wayne Tester established a practice in Merritton in the 1955. 

In 1982 as retirement drew near, his son Dr Ian Tester joined the practice, with Dr Michael Diston’s team coming aboard several years later as the final stage of this transition. 

During these early evolutionary years,  a larger building was purchased on Glendale Avenue and the first of two renovations transformed a residential home into an eight operatory, fully wheelchair accessible dental clinic.

The Glendale Dental Centre vision continued with a second renovation in 1995 which expanded our facility space to include an additional operatory and some much needed administration space.

In 2004 another exciting phase of development took place as Dr David Janzen's team joined the practice.  

And in 2017, we were thrilled to welcome Dr. Le Wang to the Glendale Dental Centre family.

As the Glendale Dental Centre vision continues to evolve, our commitment to our community and our values and philosophy remain the same.